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nature turned up the oven to roast here in maryland and all along the east coast. temperature records aren't just breaking, they're popping. as the mercury flows past 100 in many parts of maryland. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. the heat headlines are remarkable. a record at bwi today, 105 degrees. and just think, a couple of months ago it was a record snowfall. now, not las vegas, not phoenix, but frederick was among if not the hots spots in the entire country today, a scorching 106 degrees. and csx which owns the tracks which carry the camden line cut the speed of commuter trains in half because the extreme heat can cause the rails to bend under pressure. >>> maryland is broiling again. and more looks to be on the way. wyatt is here with the first forecast. >> after record smashing heat across maryland today i wish i could tell you things are about to let upment we'll see relief tomorrow. it's not going to happen. we'll see just as much heat, a carbon copy. let's take a look at what we're seeing right now. we just dipped below 90 degrees in dc and baltimore, very, very hot evening
if there was a return date on the airline ticket mary purchased for a trip from florida to maryland. they also want to know about any aberration on the number of calls she made to the family home and wanted to know what degree ronald kuntz had in psychology. twice, and jurors in the mary kuntz murder trial in sent questions to the judge. the 60-year-old woman is charged with the june 2009 murder of her estranged husband and the attempted murder of the couple's daughter, kelsey. 66-year-old ronald kuntz was shut -- was shot multiple times at his home. jurors asked for detailed definition of what they call conscious intent. the judge said out of an abundance of caution he gave them the definition of proof of intent. -jurors ask who pays for her psychiatric care if she goes to a mental institution. >> the defense objected to the proof of intent instruction by the judge, saying it was not clear exactly where the jury was in its deliberations. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police have identified a man whose body was found outside of northwest baltimore home. a concerned resident called police after f
. still 83 at andrews. 81 down in southern maryland and 81 andrews. -- excuse me, national with upper 60s in the shenandoah rally and 70 in martinsburg and cumberland and the heat index in the low to mid-80s in spots. another blistering day. heat index 105. the heat advisory up to 11:00. code orange air quality and upper 90s by lunchtime. topping off around 101, 102 again. here's angie with the latest traffic. >>> take a look. it is nice and quiet across the viewing area. this is just how we like it. happy wednesday, everybody. move it outside and show you the outer loop from 95 to 270. looking at a clear drive. as we teenage you to route 4, route 5 and 301, we want you to know there are no incidents or accidents to report on those roadways and the beltway in virginia, we want you to know between the wilson bridge and the american legion we are finding drivers are nothing but at speed. no incidents or accidents along the way. if you are traveling on 95 northbound, looks like we are delay free from dumfries up to the springfield interchange. andrea, back to you. >>> if you are seeing us th
" at 11:00. >> well, the heat slowed trains from maryland commuters. marc trains on the camden line forced to slow down. heat caused the track to expand. and that increases the chances of a train derailing. >> all across the state. thermometers hit temperatures we almost never see. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with a look at how hot it got today and hot how hot it will get tomorrow. >> we're talking about the word being extreme. extreme in our weather as we have seen just about 90 days ago. we were dealing with piles of snow around baltimore. if we have not forgotten, largest snowfall for the winter season for the 2009, 2010 season of 79.9 inches of snowfall. and then a cool raining, short period of time for spring. and now we are seeing this record breaking temperatures. record high today of 105. out at bwi thurgood marshall airport. we're talking about temperatures warming through the day. up to 105. and an r stands for still rising. that was the number we got for a high. and the last record on july, july 6, was 1999. 11 years ago. and then we had 101 on that day. normally our
. >> the record-breaking heat is unavoidable, and it is taking quite a toll on maryland. >> it is affecting train riders stock in the summer heat today. more on that story. more on the investigation on a nursing home that is forced to move its residents out. >> the officials say so far close to 60 residents have been moved to other facilities to get a break from the heat. some of them are still being moved at this hour. we are expecting record temperatures throughout the week. state health officials are wondering why they never reported the air conditioning problems to the states. they had residents saying they had enough of the heat. state health officials say one of them actually called 911 to report air-conditioning had been broken since friday. city officials immediately notified the state, who visited the facility later in the day. >> upon the arrival, they found a building that was very warm and possibly uncomfortable for the vulnerable adults who reside in the facility. >> nancy grimm says a top to bottom inspection shows only one of the four compressors for air conditioning did work. she
agnes hospital. >> feels like 115. >> pace yourself. drink a lot of water. that's maryland weather. if you don't like it, wait a second. it will change. >> our top story, the temperature hitting highs that are hard to believe. tonight the city takes a break from brutal daytime sun. but has to prepare for another day of triple digit temperatures. as baltimore bakes. >> well, four days of triple digit temperatures this year. today broke a record for one of the hottest in baltimore's history. how to the got coming up in the forecast. but first, all of this heat is posing a danger to our health. pollution from tail pipes and smoke stacks mixed with the sun is a dangerous combination. healthy people can be affected. best thing to do is limit the time you spend outside. >> what happens is that people can go outside, they will breathe in large amounts of the grand level -- ground level ozone, lungs are irritated may suffer coughing spells. shortness of breath. >> this weather is especially dangerous for children. they take in even more air than adults, and can suffer long-term lung damage
with the temperature gun, there. but frederick maryland was so hot, up there was needles, california for the hottest town in the nation. it'll still be a scorcher, another hot day. keep that bottled water handy and stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. reporting live in rogers forge. >> she never sweats, you ever notice that? she never sweats. >>> find help beating the heat with our hot weather guide, go to abc2news.com and check under the weather section. the guide includes the latest forecast and tips to keep you cool and healthy as temperatures continue to rise. >>> topping our look at news around the nation, arizona versus the united states. arizona's tough new immigration law is being challenged in court by the obama administration. unauthorized visitors or citizens. supporters say the government is to blame for neglecting problems. >> 4-year-old alyssa mayor has been found safe near st. louis, but investigators want to know where the kidnapper is that took her. the young girl was taken from her front yard monday night. her brother said a man in a black car took her. >>> we ha
against a maryland soldier who may risk national security. >>> if you took the northeast temperature last night, didn't go below 80, unless the sun comes up today, there it goes up again. good morning maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. it hurt to touch my steering wheel yesterday, the car was so hot. >> once it gets below 32 in the winter, i don't care, just like this in the summer. >> i totally agree with you, jamie. it hurt my hands too. i was driving like this, it wasn't good at all. like this, you see? like that? yeah, we'll be dealing with another heat wave, it'll continue. instead of the code red we had yesterday. today we have a code orange, that's sensitive for unhealthy groups. if you have asthma, lung disease, maybe heart disease, you need to limit your exposure to outdoors. along with the code orange, we have a heat advisory for today. we're definitely going to be feeling that humidity. today is going to be the last day of the triple digits, that's definitely good news. those are the changes that'll be coming into the forecast. temperatures right now coming in
dropped 200. -- excuse me it dropped from 200 to 140. and in maryland, bge only has seven customers still in the dark. that number does not include the outages in baltimore or in the greater baltimore area. so we definitely have some good news there. we are seeing some pretty significant signs of progress. but keep in mind we have a whole day of triple-digit temperatures. take a listen to how one pepco modines what it is like to work underground while repairing power lines in the middle of the heat wave. >> you go underground and it is an oven. it is not a steam bath. it is an oven. the wires are cooked an men and women down there cooked. it is brutal. >> reporter: working in anen does not sound like fun but that is what pepco crews behind me have been doing the past, almost 24 hours now. what they are doing is going underground and repairing these power lines that are literally burned, if you take a look at them. they are actually charred because it got so hot underground. i know for all of you -- actually if you are without power you probably can't see us right now but for people withou
screening rates. >>> up next, the maryland lottery numbers, and another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast. - are you chronically ill and can't work? are you mentally ill and can't work? are you physically disabled and can't work? then the law firm of disability associates should be working for you. for years, disability associates has been working with our clients to get them the social security benefits that they deserve. don't be just another client at another law firm. - depend on disability associates because social security disability law is all that we do. >> as we have been telling you, it is your last chance to see grammy award-winning musician wynton marsalis for free. >> the concert is like that in my house symphony hall tomorrow night, july 8. our viewers and facebook friends over the age of 18 can enter the contest and win it these free tickets. >> you only have until 4:00 today. for more details and contest rules, go to our website, wbaltv.com. there is a link on the home page. >>> coming up on "oprah," star quarterback, class president, all american guy
related deaths in maryland so far this year. >> we have continuing coverage of the heat wave on our website. you can use our interactive radar to track whether down to your street and get a list of local cooling centers, the hours and locations of them, and we want to know how you are keeping cool in the heat. send us your summer photos. the transfer of 150 residents of the ravenwood nursing and rehabilitation center is now in its second day. the state ordered it done after the facilities air-conditioning system fail. david collins joins us live with an update. >> according to state officials, ravenwood has a clean record, but according to a former resident, it also has a history of air-conditioning and heating problems. a medical emergency interrupted the transfer of 150 residents. state health officials say it was not heat related, that an elderly patient had a seizure. the state or the relocation of residence after the killings air-conditioning system broke down. authorities have determined the malfunction occurred sunday, and not friday as residents claimed. >> this is a unique
. >> frederick maryland is up there were needle california for the hottest in the nation yesterday. live in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> 5:02 right now, if you're looking for a way to cool off, baltimore has announced that city pools will stay open later today and tomorrow, city pools will be open until 9:00. >>> the still is opening more cooling centers, bringing the total to 15. it was five yesterday. nearly 1,000 people visited the cooling centers earlier this year. the baltimore fire department is staffing additional medic units to handle all the calls they've seen. >>> did you see money coming out of your register yesterday? our utility bills will take a hit. bge expects electricity usage to break a record this year. the company offers this tip to save money. for every degree you raise your thermostat above 72, you can trim cooling costs 5 to 7%. >>> abc2 news is working for you this morning to help keep you cool and also help you save money. a new law went into effect this year and it'll be all about your air conditioner. linda sow explains what you need to be aware
including james mchenry rec center. maryland on day 3 of this heat wave. still hot and steamy as we move into the evening. sun going down isn't degree to -- going to provide that much relief. bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods who you see there are updating our numbers. >>> let's take a look at our watches and advisories still in effect because of the heat. and temperatures in the urban areas. take a look at the graphic. also, many areas, because it's been so dry, there's a red flag warning for fire danger. particularly, be careful if you're doing any cookouts or whatnot. we have excessive heat warning in the philadelphia area. and heat watches in effect and heat advisories. what is the current temperature? it just came in actually, about a second ago, at 100 degrees. actually dropped 1 degree. and the dew point just dropped one degree to 64. which makes the current heat index, just dropped from 105 to 103. so it's still pretty horrible out there. and still a minute to go is dropped about 105 in easton. extreme temperatures in the region. there is some relief coming. we'll
weeks. it illustrates the dangers for the most vulnerable across maryland. >> i wanted to make sure you were okay. >> reporter: baltimore's health department set up this call center to check on thousands of the elderly. >> just check to make sure they have air conditioning or fans. adequate water. >> reporter: back at raven wood, the dozens who live here will enjoy their first cool night in days. they're being taken to facilities with working ac. >> reporter: and we understand, they've got to get a permit to get a crane so that they can get some of the new ac equipment on the roof of this building. reporting live in west baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, mike. thank you. >>> well, also tonight. two more heat-related deaths to tell you about about bring the totals to 8. one was an adult from anne arundel county, who actually died back in may. but the death was not confirmed as weather-related until now. the second was this week. temperatures over 90 degrees. >>> wjz 13 is always on. for instant updates on the forecast. and locations of all of those cooling cent
>>> battling the heat. >> maryland suffers through another 100-degree day. is there relief in sight? >> i'm kai jackson. and i'm mary but bal a. here's what people are talk -- bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> this record-breaking heat has people doing anything to keep cool. baltimore has opened up cooling centers. downtown, joggers braved the outdoors at fells point this morning, while others cooled down with a frozen treat. outside now, temperatures are in the triple digits. that's a new record for today. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods have the update. >> the record previous to this afternoon was 99. we blew that out just after lunchtime. take a look at the warnings around the region. still for tonight. until late tonight, we still have the excessive heat warnings. and red flag warnings also for fire danger and heat advisory for most all areas, until late tonight. warm temperatures, 101. just coming in at 1 vanish 1 -- 101. 101 in elkton. 101 in washington. make it a little higher. 86 in ocean city. and a
as maryland more considers whether or not to double oyster sanctuaries to about 9,000- acres of bay bottom or 25% of what's left of the habitat here. the comment period on the idea of expanding oyster sanctuaries is underway right now and maryland's department of natural resources is due to make the decision by september 6th. on the receive earn river, scott broom, 9 news now. >>> oysters aren't just for eating. in large numbers they actually make the water cleaner by filtering out the algae that makes the bay so murky. i heard from one of our viewers, when we had the octopus salad and she said we should be helping the waters by not taking octopus out. >> i don't know where it came from. i can't comment. >> she educated me on that. so i thank her. >> i can comment about the threat of heat which is very high if you are not smart. if you are in your house, fill a bathtub with cold water. if you need a way to cool down if you don't have ac or is it not working a cold bath or shower will help. keep it you cool for a while. that's one cheaper way to keep cool and you need it. look at the foreca
. baltimore has another summer scorching day gripped maryland. these city workers laying down asphalt sweat it out. >> we get used to it over time. at first it's hard, but after a while, it's nothing. >> reporter: baltimore inner harbor had crowds even on a sizzling day. many of those outside heard the spots for an icy treat. >> trying to get a lot of fluids, in and out. >> reporter: experts say you must know the symptoms of extreme conditions. one of those is heat exhaustion. can progress into a second serious problem, heat stroke. making air-conditioning not a luxury but a priority. >> after that the central nervous system malfunctions. that's when people start to think not clearly, not act right. >> on days like this it's hot just about any place you go. but there are a few places like this fishing pier here in canton that may offer a big breeze but provides a big relief. >> it's cooler on the water. >> right, exactly. >> reporter: joel baker is more worried about his dog staying cool than himself. so the pointer bud chicago out in the harbor in canton. >> they love it, as you see they'
'll talk more about two different waves of relief coming our way straight ahead. >> thanks. and maryland is relao more heat deaths tonight. the first collapsed inside their home after working outdoor and is the second was found inside a home with temperatures o0 degrees. so far there have been 8 heat related deaths and they're reminding everyone to take it easy, drink water, and find a cool place to avoid getting sick or worse. >>> this heat comes with a lot of warnings, but we have one more you might not have thought about. brian keubler joins us to explain. i know it's hot out there. >> it is very hot out there. you can pretty point this gun anywhere and see triple didn't temperatures, but if you point at a playground, you'll realize this is no child's play. >>> it even looks hot outside, and if you were in it at all today, you know no matter what you did to stay cool the heat was oh pressive. >> are you feeling it? >> definitely. the sweat is pouring off of you. >> jennifer and her daughter put cut their walk short steering clear of their normal stop on the playground. a good move onc
here, if you're riding the marc train, lynch to this. the maryland transportation secretary wants all commuter rail riders to know that severe heat could cause delays. the heat can cause problems with equipment, such as locomotives which can be pushed to the limit and air conditioning in passenger cars. the lines, power, some of the penn line trains could buckle under pressure. there are delays on all three marc lines yesterday. >>> we're used to scorching heat in phoenix and tucson, but it's been happening much closer to home. all around the state it's been dangerously hot. sheryl connor shows us, yesterday frederick was making headlines nation-wide. >> reporter: triple digits is one thing, the hottest city in the nation is another. >> this is a microwave. >> chart topper goes to frederick maryland. 106 degrees on tuesday, hotter than phoenix and las vegas. but it's no sweat for allen gilbert who says the heat helps his 50-year-old body on the tennis courts. >> we need the heat to keep these old joints loose. >> reporter: as the temperature climbs, most people take a dip. >> i wouldn
. >>> our hottest spot in the heat wave is frederick, maryland. 106 yesterday afternoon. that is hotter than phoenix or las vegas. we did manage to find a few people walking along the streets of this historic city. >> shocking because like air- conditioning then you are suddenly outside. you don't realize it at first but then when you are walking, wow. >> frederick was not the hottest place in the country. that title goes to death valley, california which hit 116 degrees. >>> a tough time for commuters around philly. a train heading for trenton stalled last night leaving more than 1500 passengers on board with no power or air- conditioning for 30 minutes. today more trouble for people trying to get to work. septa reported a dozen trains delayed while new jersey transit canceled several trains because of the heat. >>> usually extreme weather in buffalo, new york, means feet of snow and below zero temperatures. the city is baking in the heat. the temperature hit 90 today for the first time in three years. tomorrow it's expected to be hotter. >>> go to myfoxdc.com for tips on keeping cool. we w
, here's what people are talking about and dealing with today. maryland is in the grip of a heat wave. here in baltimore, people are taking the water to stay cool and escape the heat, if they can. taking a live look outside at noon, temperatures abroaching triple digits and it even looks hod. mike hellgren has more on emergency services and we'll begin with bernadette woods over in the weather center. good afternoon, bernadette. >>> yes, it's hot once again today. we have the heat advisory for most of the region, that's until 11:00 tonight. after today, we may step back with some of the temperatures. it's not a cool down, we'll have more on that in a moment. as far as the them you are -- temperatures today, it's hot. the record today is 99 degrees. the dew point is 65 and it feels like 101 already. and 102 in d.c. and 90s in the mountains and 90s at the beach. it's hot and very few places for relief. be smart in the heat. for more, here's marty. >>> well, thank you, bernadette. let me tell you how hot it is. you'll see in a second. when mike hellgren is not wearing a coat, ladies and
maryland lottery numbers. good luck. >> whether you are a royal watcher or not, it is a big deal when queen elizabeth comes to visit the colonies. >> her majesty has not been here since 1976. the queen will no doubt find place somewhat changed. we have more on the royal visit. >> queen elisabeth addressed leaders at the united nations, urging them to work towards peace. >> in tomorrow's world, we must all work together as hard as ever if we're truly to be united nations. >> it was a mess it similar to her first address to the un when a young elizabeth had been crowned queen just four years earlier. a whirlwind five- hour stop, which followed a visit to canada. her schedule in new york city paralleled recent visits to prince charles and grandson prince henry. she laid a wreath. the queen is taking time to dedicate the british gardens of remembrance in honor of the 67 british citizens killed in the world trade center attack. the queen is faced with having to slash costs at buckingham palace. the queen is trying to stretch $25 million in public funds that are set to run out in a couple of year
, maryland dice son maltratados todos los meses.... digna ramirez/inquilina sin aire acondicionado " no ponen cajas competentemente para la electricidad y usted sabe que si ellos cobran aire, tienen que estar seguros de dar un mantenimiento bueno de la electricidad de la desesperacion, muchos se tenido que robar electricidad digna ramirez/inquilina sin aire acondicionado "ellos para agarrar un poquito de electricidad para respirar un poco agarran electricidad para su aire es una solucion porque no hay otra manera...." las autoridades del condado de prince george ya estan investigando el problema en estos edificios... despues de repetidas llamadas y una visita a la oficina de ventas del complejo residencial, la administracion no quizo hacer comentarios claudia uceda/univision washington y la falta de electricidad no es el unico problema en este complejo de departamentos por ejemplo en este hogar hay hongos en las paredes , hay ratas, chinches y aqui ni la cocina fu
of these counties in orange, still under an excessish heat advisory. most of maryland, western maryland and west virginia mid-70s. we can blame this area of high pressure that will give us another day with extreme heat with high s reaching 100 degree. today we may have had a record day for washington. steaming humidity tomorrow friday and saturday. and a chance of some much-needed rain as well. highs in the mid-90s tomorrow. near 90 on friday and again on saturday. let's check traffic jerry. how are we doing. >> good morning, everyone. we're doing pretty well. had a long holiday weekend and a break from the road work. crews went back at it last night. on the maryland side over near route 4 and 5. 14th street bridge doing all right. let's head over to maryland. over the beltway, kenilworth avenue, both the inner loop and outer loop appear to be doing okay. joe and eun? >> the extreme heat isn't just taking a toll on the people, it includes power lines to the metro track. >> slow, hot. a lot of people complaining. >> reporter: some of them are on this red line metro train during tuesday's rush hou
are still looking for her killer. family and friends remembered her at a service last night. >>> a maryland soldier officially faces charges connected to leaking of this video in iraq t shows an apache helicopter againing down unarmed men. army specialist bradley manning is facing multiple accounts of putting national security at risk. >>> british petroleum is looking to break down the barrels of oil pouring into the gulf with bacteria. the latest attempt is an oil- eating microbe produced by a florida biotech firm. we have a report. >> they eat it as a food source. they degrade it. they take it apart molecule by molecule. >> start off with a very small concentration. >> this is one of several companies pitching a type of oil-eating back tear what to help clean up the gulf. their product is made from naturally occurring microbes that break town oil that are then concentrated, fermented and strayed on the oil, a process called bioremediation. it is commonly used to clean up toxic industrial accidents, jet fuel spills and brown fields. oil-eating bacteria was used to help clean up the alaska
than twwce the like this ii the sttte of maryland. liveeinnmt. ernon tonightt,jeff -bell. >>> offfcials are making direct caals to checkkon eldeelyy3 >> we'rr ust going o e ssue%-you yoo were afe aad ii a lace3 >> the city's health department3 %-3660 people, most of whom are ooer 90. them up and brrng them o a cooling cenner if they eee it. the centers like this ne aar open unnil 7 tonight. you can cal 311 o ffnd a we also have hey list f those3 locctionsson our website foxbaltimore.com. >>> the heat has taaen the lifee33 -he state depprtment of hhalth and mental hygiene aid the -he air ttmpeeatuur was over 90 degreee. so far there's been eight heat of-related deathssin the state. >>> we'rr going it find out how@%-hot it ot today ann if we broke@-reed. %--p>> looos like we haveeanotheer3@ record breaker today.%-the high today so far jjstt3 %-issued a few minutes ago from % heenational weather service @%%-because we cculd add a feww ore %-deggees in the neet hour or two.@ -he past reccrd as 2 degrees-and our normaa high is around 87, 88 de
these counties under an excessive heat advisory. the district of columbia and all of maryland. this is the zone where we could have heat-related illnesses if precautions north taken. this is the current heat index, the combination of temperature and humidity feels like 101 in washington. elsewhere, in the mid and upper 90s throughout much of virginia and the eastern shore. this large area of high pressure that's been responsible for this high heat is drifting to our south and things should cool down a bit tomorrow. this afternoon, up around 100 degrees. heat index near 105. details on that break coming our way. we'll look at that the rest of the week and the weekend in a few minutes. >> definitely looking forward to that break, tom. >>> some residents in the district and surrounding suburbs woke up to dark homes. there are still hundreds without power. outage expanded overnight in northeast d.c. so many people wanting to cool their homes. the power company says underground power lines are being overwhelmed. news 4 tracy wilkins has more from northeast. >> pepco spokesman say they are still look
. >> sue, see you in a bit. >>> these broiling temperatures have power companies in d.c., maryland and virginia asking people to conserve energy. air conditioners, fans and they are concerned about power outages. tom fitzgerald continues the team coverage from inside the control room of one of those companies. >> reporter: well, the northern virginia electric cooperative serves 144,000 customers in six northern virginia counties. all of this extreme heat created an extreme demand for energy and it's creating here what they are calling an emergency event. here inside the power grid control room, the alarms are nonstop. >> it will not be as much drag on our system. that's another alarm. >> reporter: priscilla knight has been pleading with customers to cut back on electricity. >> we are asking everyone to cooperate. >> reporter: that will be key in avoiding power outages. engineers are fighting hard to avoid. how big of a demand are you facing? >> our demand is higher than what we have seen probably ever. >> reporter: larry's control screens are showing some areas of the power grid en
, do a round of outfield, take a water break. >> reporter: frederick maryland was up there with needles california for the hottest in the nation. later today, there's still plenty to come. have the bottled water handy and try your best to keep cool. reporting live in rogers forge, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> there are plenty of places to go to beat the heat. baltimore city says "why not the pool?" city park pools will stay open until 9:00. the city is opening more cooling centers. bringing the totals to 15, yesterday it was just 5. city officials say through monday, nearly 1,000 people have visited the cooling centers this year. >>> and if you have your own ac we're sure you're busy using it this week. with a snow storm in february and now the extreme heat, bge expects utility usage to break a record this year. if you want to keep your bill low this month, you save 5 to 7% on cooling costs for every degree you raise your thermostat above 72 degrees. just something to keep in mind. if you're using air conditioning, which everybody is right now, if it breaks, it'd be awful, so, what w
. >> ppce yourself, drink a lot of water. it's maryland weather. it's going toochange. >> baltimore bakes in the record-breaking temperatures. thermosttt reach 1055degrees yesserday afternoon at wi thurgood marrh shal marshal air3 passing the previous record. so far the region has been seeing three daas of triple expanded today. four a rec centers are opening as addiiional as cooling centers and the pools will be open until and joel d smith who is at a cooling center year-round. good morning, joel. it's going to be 103, 1 102 whhtever steve said. we're at an icc house. it'' trrple a icee you an't beat a place like and the cooling places are going to be open. pools a lot of them will be open until 99:0 and some of the wall ttrough pools open until 7:30. the fire department says it's a exhaustion and they will have extra staffing and this place as well. is thissthe ultimate time of the year? >> ttis is the ultimate cooling place. >> reporter:: people walk up and want to stay in here for a whhle. >> we have a ost customers who say, cannwe go in your rooms? we let them ccme in for a minute
straight day with brittle temperature is setting records. we had 106 degrees in frederick, maryland. >> it is like you are a baking in a hot kitchen and there is no fan. >> it is miserable and the heat is dangerous especially for the elderly. there have already been seven heat-related deaths assisted with this heat wave. many more people were hospitalized. this is straining the power grid. 42,000 customers were without power in new jersey, new york, and connecticut. >>> a slippery spell is causing problems for drivers and pedestrians. eastbound u street was closed after some used kitchen grease leaked from a truck. pedestrians and bikers reported slipping around in this greasy mess. they covered the street in sand to get traction but u street is still shut down between 14th street and 16th street to all traffic except for buses. >>> friends and family are saying goodbye to a murdered college student from fairfax county. a panel was held this morning at the end up presbyterian church for the 19-year-old. she will be buried at national memorial church in falls church. she was found st
on the course for 2 hours and closely monitored. >>> the and maryland department of health and hygiene is investigating why a senior center was without air conditioning for several days. a resident of the raven wood nursing rehab center called 8911 yesterday -- 911. they discovered the facility had been without air conditioning since friday. they plan to investigate why they failed to report the problem. >>> 105 degrees. that's what the thermometer read yesterday at the airport it set a new record. the last record on july 6th was 101 set back in 1999. temperatures are going to be dropping a little bit, bumajor relief expected for several days along the east coast. >> kelly, speaking of the airport, we had an another record of 101. an improvement over 105 yesterday, but you probably didn't notice, and some spots just as hot like frederick. so things have cooled off a little bit from earlier. we're at 99 in the inner harbor and you were at 101 earlie annapolis 101 and 89 on the map still. heat index is still cloess to 110 and that heat advisory continues this evening. kais will stay clea
refinanced. some have poor credit or no down payment or equity. another winning move for maryland's hotel industry. jane king has that story and more in the bloomberg business report. >> a special focus on montgomery county. they are offered over $100 million in municipal and build america bonds. montgomery has been losing tax revenue during the recession. moody's said they may lower the counties credit rating. beckham making it harder for the county to borrow money. they a formidable economic base. stocks were climbing higher yesterday. investigators -- investors will see their profit growth. shares rose yesterday. but now business is not growing like they had expected. yearly profits may disappoint investors. chesapeake lodging shares were higher yesterday. there by a hotel for over $77 million. chesapeake expects marriott to increase their overall income next year. that deal should close within 30 days. i'm jane king for wbal-tv 11 news. >> actress lindsay lohan would not be attending any award shows our party is for award shows three months. she will be in jail. she did not meet the t
-breaking temmeratures.ú ú% it feels like 111. -rink a lot of water. it's maryland weather. %-just wait a second, it's goiig >>>he thermostat read 100 degrees yesterday afternoon at bwi thurggod marshal airport surpassing the previous record so farrthis year the region has seen four yearssof triple depth temperatures and might not be over just yet. all of this heat means that the cciy's code aation weather plaa code red is exppnddng today. four addiiional rec centers will be open at cooling centers and private homeless helters are beinggaskkd to increaseetheir operating hours. joel d smith has more on code red at a place where heat is the enemy. and seeing you in a jacket means you are n a place very far away where where we are. ú% reporter: 15 degrees..3 we ot at the north pole. 15 degrres here, and this place is lwaas looking out for the heat. 900degree difference out there to in here. i got john mcfierson.side, and people who have to work outside in all of this today. >> i feel sorry for the people who arr the roofers and the ú%ople who work on the roads, itts got to e toogh. >> reporter:
friday, sick people had died of heat-related causes in maryland so far this year which was as many as all of 2009. virginia and d.c. have already seen pore heat-related deaths than they saw last year. it is proof of just how dangerous the weather can be. infants, young people and the elderly are especially at risk. >> number one, avoid direct sunlight and avoid the middle part of the day when it will be hottest outside. out there and you are feeling dizzy, headachy, crampy, hydrate, get out of the heat. >> we are talking more about the health risks heat can pose and what local emergency rooms have been dealing with. that is coming up later this hour. >>> there are plenty of places to go in the district to stay cool. city pools are opening two hours earlier at 11:00 this morning. they will close one hour later at 9:00 p.m. the city has opened its 62 cooling centers. officials are especially worried about older residents and are providing transportation to the cooling centers as well. >> we are wishing fans to seniors and folks with disabilities, providing transportation to the cooling cent
live doppler radar. an isolated shower or thunderstorm across maryland at this time, not going to amount much, about 6 inches below average in terms of rainfall for the area. here is what is going on with our key to advisory, which remains in effect until 11:00 this evening -- with our heat advisory. it is 97 in fairfax. here is a look at the record. 101 and bwi-marshall. it made up to 102. we tied the record at dulles, 101 degrees. another warmup on the way. >> to check the temperatures anytime, go to wjla.com, and for some cooling centers. >>> a barge collided with a tour boat today, sending passengers into the delaware river. there were two crew members and 35 passengers on board. right now, two people are unaccounted for, a 16-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man. a fire on the tour boat caused it to stall in the middle of the river before it was hit. >>> reports a service of a possible spy swap in exchange for prisoners the u.s. once freed. some of the people were scheduled for a hearing >> the holston was canceled, and then we got this, in order for them to be transferred
in potomac, maryland. take a look of this picture. this is amazing. this is a long been 10,000800 block of deeper glen road --10, 800 block. >>> it has been really hot, a scorcher for several days now. hey, steve, how are things looking? >> it is hot out there. a cool-down on the way across the area, but it will take several hours. we tied a record at dulles, making it up to 101 degrees, and we broke the records at reagan national and bwi-marshall earlier today. here are some temperatures from the weatherbug network here at the belfort furniture weather center. it is going to remain quiet and mostly dry for most of us for the next several hours or so. heading over to nationals park, it is 96 degrees for the current temperature. it feels like 100 degrees. sunny and hot. temperatures will fall slowly through the 90's. here is our forecast. we still have a he did rise in effect for the metro area until 11:00 this evening -- we still have a heated by surry -- a heat advisory. high pressure to the south and west of us. we will look for a little relief tomorrow, but thunderstorms, a better ch
out of newington into springfield. in maryland this will traffic south on 270. traffic is moving at a pretty good clip at 109 into germantown. travel times in our favor of dulles greenway, the dulles toll road. 66 flowing to manassas. that's about it. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> the record-setting heat wave, temperatures were eligible digits up and down the east coast on tuesday. in new york it was 103 degrees. philadelphia was 102. breaking the century mark for the first time in nine years. b.w.i. marshall was 105 degrees. we could be back in record territory again today. we have live team coverage this morning with pamela brown outside union station with some of the problems the heat is causing. >> there are many. to give you an idea of what we are dealing with, temperatures at b.w.i. marshall yesterday were the highest, the second- highest on record at reagan national. today we are expected to tied the record a break the record which is 99. some people have more options than others. residents at colonial village apartments in oxon hill are forced to go outside in the he
. it will hopefully stay quiet. 270 is great, i 70. nothing out of southern maryland. good in virginia. 95, 395, and 66. let's show you 95 traffic in fairfax. let's show you video in stafford county. route 3 remains closed at federal drive. this is a train derailment that have happened yesterday. that is still closed as the cleanup. let's go to alan caskey. >>> summertime hibernation is what we will look for today. go to the basement if you have one. hibernate. 77 and culpeper right now, 75 in frederick, 77 in herndon, 80 in landover. the dewpoint are in the mid to upper 60's. some locations are in the low 70's. there's humidity in the air. an easterly winds will kick in tonight, which will increase the humidity. added humidity tomato. the key is we will stop off some of the temperature is outside. highs will be in the low to mid 90 tomorrow afternoon. let's go to the almanac data. 100 to yesterday at reagan national, one degree shy of tying the record of 103. 99 is the record high temperature today. we have a good chance of tying it. 88 is still the average for today. we are close to that for
evening, i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. the extreme heat broke records in virginia, maryland and every other mid-atlantic state. and though not a record, we hit 102 in washington today. as we'll hear from our reporters, the heat proved too much for some infrastructure in our area. and downright dangerous for people and pets. but we begin with meteorologist veronica johnson. >> as you said, 102 degrees today. that was just one degree shy of the record. and we hit that at 4:00. we knew this was going to be a long, hot day for us. when at noontime the temperature rose to 100 degrees. but 4:00, again, 102. then we stayed with that high heat right until about 7:00 to 8:00. 97 was the temperature at 8:00 p.m. and even at 10:00 p.m. is when we finally dropped into the 80s. again, the record, 103 set back in 1999. you can see still plenty hot. 87 in the district. 78. generally in the 80s now with humidity feeling more like we're in the mid-80s. we've got another day of this, just one more of high heat. heat advisory for tomorrow. and we could easily, i think, tie if not break the rec
were moved out. maryland health officials say the operators of the home failed to report their broken air-conditioner. officials believe it stopped working sometime on saturday and an investigation is underway. >>> well the scorching heat took a toll on firefighters battling a roof fire at a private school in silver spring. flames shot through the roof of st. katherine's school in the 11,000 block of clair edge road in silver spring. the search is on for a cause. >>> and talk about a close call in silver spring. take a look at these pictures from sky 9. a steep hill was all that kept a metro bus plowing through the front door of a hop. this happened near colesville road and university boulevard in the four corners hair and that's where bruce leshan is standing by. what is the result on traffic as part of this, bruce? >> reporter: the traffic is better now than it was a few hours ago. [ lost audio ] they said no one was seriously hurt. [ sirens ] >> this could be just awful. >> what a sight to come home to. >> oh, my god, thank you you are okay. >> reporter: siday rushed home from work
called to a roof fire at this catholic school in wheaton maryland, st. catherine laboure. luckily children attending summer camp were not in the building. the concern was for fire fighters wearing heavy equipment, coats and helmets in the heat, to make sure they recovered from their ordeal. >> we got to cool people down. getting the coats off the fire fighters, getting the back packs off, the other equipment is so important for the bodies to release the heat for anyone. >> reporter: pepco crews have been working for two days in northeast washington, to end the power outage that was caused by an underground fire that burned cables monday night, leaving residents in a four square block area without air conditioning. >> oh, my goodness. this is terrible. it's really hot. really hot. it's been since about two days now. >> reporter: tonight pepco employees have left leaflets at the homes in this area explaining why it is taking so long and telling them they are not sure exactly when power will be restored, but right now they are estimating by midnight tonight. we're live on the scene,
in maryland, from 95 to 280, finding drivers are moving at speed. route 4, 5 and 301, i want you to know we don't anticipate problems on those roadways and moving in to dc, south capitol street and the suitland parkway, notice we have lanes wide open. andrea, over to you. >> thank you. >>> as howard said, today is expected to be another triple digit temperature day along the entire east coast. yesterday's extreme highs led to several problems across our region. several of you were left to face the heat and humidity inside of your homes because of widespread power outages. right now, more than 3200 pepco customers still have no power. the company says the high demand for power led to the outages. >>> and the heat led to several problems on trains if the northeast and mid-atlantic. the worst problem, it involved a new jersey-bound train which stranded 1500 passengers for 25 minutes when it lost power. the crew restored power long enough to get the train in the station and passengers were put aboard other trains. amtrak had 15 minute delays between baltimore and washington because two commuter
boston all the way down through areas into richmond. the highlights were in baltimore, maryland. we were 103 in new york city in central park. this is just ridiculously hot temperature. it was so hot in the cities it takes a while to get rid of the heat, especially in the buildings. it's still in the mid-80s in new york city with the heed index of mid-90s. the humidity is higher, so actually the heat index, that's how it feels to you will be worse. look at this. we're expect 1g 00-degree heat from new york down to d.c. again, maybe a degree or two cooler in hartford. today you should get a break in boston. as far as the middle of the country, it's still very humid. that's where we're dealing with showers and storms but the heat wave is still the huge story out there of the day, including entire week. otherwise watch out for the storms in the middle of the country and stay away from the east coast. that's a look at your wednesday forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. 100-degree heat as we mentioned in new york city, but even areas in the carolinas who haven't bee
are suffering are in oxon hill, maryland. john? >> well, caroline, many people in this oxon hill apartment complex have had to endure this he to with no air-conditioning. they tell us it has taken a lot of time under the ceiling fan. we are told that some of these residents have been without air conditioning for about one month. in her oxon hill apartment, it is a steamy 91 degrees tonight. >> they said i needed a new one, and yet, they never bother to bring one. it looked to be as old as i am, and they put it out there. >> something the 76-year-old and her son have been forced to deal with korean and they have not been back? >> they have not been bad. they do not care. all they want is their money. >> the maintenance worker has been over several times, but her air-conditioning unit is still on the fritz. she has not had it for weeks. >> it is 100 degrees outside. i have a brother with down's syndrome. it is crazy. he does not understand what is going on, but he knows it is hot. >> and, unfortunately, she is not the only one struggling. the vents are blowing air, hot air. >> you just do no
. >>> heat advisory still up for all of maryland and extreme heat warnings until 11:00 because it will be a slow evening to cool down out there. when you get the more humid condition, that's where you end up seeing a slow falling temperatures and dry air kools off more quickly than humid air. >>> all across the region you can kind of see here these are our current temperatures and not too bad at ocean city 85, but other than that most of the state is cooking and some of the hottest weather in the country. >>> humidity is creeping in out of the east, but fully some cloud cover by tomorrow, and if we take a look across the state we're watching just offshore coastal low developing off the carolinas and virginia and hasn't spun clouds in our direction yet, but as we go into the next 12 to 24 hours, thing will continue to spin and we'll get some northeast flow and atlantic being in the 70s will help out with our air temperatures and hold us down when that breeze mixes in should hold us in the mid-90s. the slight chance for a shower or storm even tomorrow afternoon, but slim though,
on backup generators. at the u.s. naval academy in maryland, an endurance test in this heat proved too much for four mid shipmen who are now being treated for heat exhaustion. and the extreme temperatures are even keeping trains from running on time. there have been equipment lockdowns and a.c. failures, staaling service on amtrak's northeast corridor. temperatures in the hundreds and upper 90s are spreading across the country. take a look at this weather map. and you get a sense of just how uncomfortable it is out there. let's head over to new york's times square. how does it feel out there, peter? >> you know, chris, some people's mixed fortune are other people's marketing opportunity. maybe it's not 99 degrees at the moment. the real problem is the heat index that the weather channel tells us is going to reach 100 degrees. that's why if you're turning on the ac at home, keep it at 78 degrees at that opportunity. >> it's hot in georgia. we're excited about seeing new york. >> give us a sense of how you deal with the heat. you're a veteran heat expert as a georgian. what are you going to d
home in his green 1996 mercedes but his family doesn't know where he was going. the car has maryland tags 172- azs. anyone seeing the car is asked to call 911. >>> the obama administration is suing the state of arizona. the justice department claims the state's controversial new immigration law goes too far. >> the outcome of the lawsuit could affect policies brewing if other states. doug luzader with those details now. >> reporter: this is going to be a huge test case, not just for arizona but for other states as well that argue the federal government is not doing its job. arizona police haven't even started enforcing the state's new immigration law and the justice department wants to make sure it never happens. in a lawsuit against the state, the feds argue that in our constitutional system, the federal government has preimminent authority to regular immigration matters and brought a quick rebuke from the arizona governor. >> i've very disappointing. i think it's wrong and we'll meet with them and push back and fight as hard as we can and i believe we'll win the lawsuit. >> reporte
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